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  • Converter prototype in China:
  • Chinese installation tests the
Converter prototype in China:
The procurement of ITER's poloidal field converters took a step forward in May, with the successful testing of the AC/D[More]
Chinese installation tests the juice11-9
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Introduction Of High-Power Electrical Equipment Testing Center of CASHIPS High-PowerElectrical Equipment Testing Center of CASHIPS (abbreviated as HEETEC), equippedwith the largest DC power test platform and s...[More]
Test Capability
  • AC Test Platform
    The AC test platform is composed by 110 kV high voltage substation network and 100 MVA high power short circuit pulse transformer. >Dyna
  • DC Test Platform
    DC test platform consists of two autotransformers with110kV/66kV 100MVA and 115kV/66kV 60MVA, two 2*20MVA rectifier transformers, for30kV/5
  • ITER Converter Integrated Test Platform
    ITER converter integrated test platform can carry out Steady-statetest equipment testing, consisting of one 66 kV/ 1.05 kV 82 MVA transform
  • Sensor Test Platform
    Sensor test platform is composed of steadystate current test platform and transient current test platform. (1) Steady State Current Test P
  • RPC and Filtering System Test Platform
    Reactivepower compensation and filtering system test platform consists of three 66kV/208mHthyristor control reactor, installed capacity of
  • DC Pulse Power Set
    The DC pulse power set is the biggest one at home, and the testingcapacity of it is as following.>The rated output voltage of eachpulse
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